Korean Window decorations in Holland

Korea is one of the leading exporters in Window decoration fabrics.

Korea is a highly industrialized country. This benefits the quality of the products produced. You see this not only in cars such as our brand ‘Kya’ but also in electronics such as Samsung. Our country also has many larger and smaller players in the field of textile weaving. Our country also has a lot of knowledge in this country and you can see that by cloths that are woven according to strict and strict standards.

Window Decorations

Korea plays a major role on the world stage in the area of ​​window decoration. The roller blind fabrics, the fabrics for shades, the fabrics for pleated curtains and the fabrics for zebra roller blinds are the big stars here. Years of experience with the latest machines from Germany often resulted in the margins of error in these products being minimal. A fabric straight weave is one, a straight fabric after it has been treated by a finish street is two. Bringing the combination of these two production processes to a good end requires a lot of discipline and craftsmanship. Because of the many years of wisdom, South Korea has now delivered top prouducts.

The dutch word  ‘Raamdecoratie’

Window decoration is the common word for window decorations in general. What korean fabrics are most popular in the Netherlands? We asked the owner of Raamdecoratieshop.nl, a major webshop. They have been a loyal trading partner for years with Korean weaving mills and are very satisfied with the delivered products. They indicate that Korean fabrics from duo roller blinds are absolutely among the best in the world because of the small error margins. Even when it comes to the width of the fabrics, they are far ahead of, for example, China, where there are still a lot of older weaving machines, so that the strictest criteria for a substance are not feasible. By quickly anticipating demand, the Korean weavers are able to quickly produce and export the latest new fashion colors. That in turn ensures that Dutch residential fashion is up-to-date.

Trade improvement between The Netherlands and South Korea. How can Students participate?

Welcome to ksan.nl. Write here about improving the hadel between the Netherlands and South Korea. South Korea is one of the largest industrialized countries in the world and that is often underestimated by the Dutch. Yet there are Dutch companies that have been trading with the Koreans for years. Students can make a positive contribution here, for example as a trainee. Students master the English language better, they are easier to understand and have learned how to better document conversations with trading partners so that agreements between both parties can be better fulfilled. We think of Samsung or automer Kya at South Korea, but is of course much more. We certainly want to take a look at the textile industry which is quite large. For example, the Koreans are inventors of various window decorations that are very popular with us. Think of the zebra roller blind that was invented here. Koreans are pleasant to deal with and value self-esteem. The Dutch should therefore communicate with them respectfully. You also receive a lot of respect.

Satisfied with students in trade

Both large and small companies indicate that they are satisfied with the contribution that students make to the discussions between the trading partners of both countries. The conversations are smoother and they are much better noted. The advantage is evident, both parties understand each other better and agreements are better fulfilled, which increases the satisfaction between both parties and thus promotes the relationship. Trust is a big word in Asian countries and therefore also in South Korea. Relationships are often built on the basis of mutual trust between the parties.

Practice example Window decorations

Talking to Henk, director of a window decoration factory that delivers the window decoration directly to the consumer via web shops via the websites:
raamdecoraties.nl and zebra blinds on duorolgordijn.eu, the advantages of the accompanying student in business cases are clearly visible. Misunderstandings are approached in principle and a pleasant and quiet business conversation is created.